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EminentTechStudios teaches you how to the basics to modeling using 3ds Max software.


Hey everyone, this is Austin from Eminent Tech Tutorial. I'm going to show you the basics of what you need to know if you want to model in 3ds max. Okay, so now let’s get started with the modeling. Let’s start on the nose. So I’ll go into create, plane, juts make one right there. Then I'm going to move to lengths down to two and the width down to two. That’s just how I like to model. Okay now, I'm going to right click, covert to editable poly, go to the modifier list and then search for symmetry. And then check flip and then show end results on/off table, just click on that. I'm going to right click, no I'm not. Select this and go to edge. Press F4 to see the grid. Alright so now I’ll go back to editable poly, edge and select this and then right click and move. Actually, I’ll select them all and move them forward so it matches up with the nose here too. So I’ll select this one top one here and I’ll move both of them. Hold on, select that. Yeah, so I selected that now it moves both of them. It will match up with the nose. That looks about right. So I'm going to select this. Oh I forgot to say you shift, and drag and I’ll move out without distorting the polygon because if you just drag it, it’s going to move like that which you don’t want. Shift drag and I’ll move that down a little. Actually, I'm going to select this bottom row and move them both down to about here. And I’ll select this, shift drag and down, shift and you just keep doing that until you form the nose and you can select different edges to do work how you want it and what I use to do, is I sometimes follow how the face works first. So I just go up the nose and then I d the bottom part of the nose. See? So now I have the whole entire nose, most of it. Then I can select this one and hold control to select more than one. And I'm going to leave that there so I can show you some other stuff that has to do with modeling. So I just—you control or shift to drag and see how that empty spot right there, oh sorry but what I was going to show you is kind of move this back a little bit but see how I have this open spot right here? I'm going to go to polygon, drag down to create and select the versities right here, here and double click here and will fill in that spot which is how you work it out. Let’s see what else can I show you. You’ll probably need to know this. Cut, if you ever want to add detail, you just go to this like where the edges go, where they selected there’s versities, you select this versity and you can either click here on an edge or at another versity and will cut it right in half creating two different polygons or it’s just this isn’t the best color for the models. So, I’ll just going to change that to this one. Alright see, so you can select this one or this one. It’s two different polygons. How about I show you extrude? So you just click on the polygon, one polygon. Select extrude which you won’t use for the nose unless you're working into the hole right there for the nostril but that will what extrude will do, is just remove the polygon out so you have like a bump there. And I can move that around. And because you have symmetry on it, it happens on the right side too. Move this out. I have no idea why I don’t need that. So delete, actually I'm just going to do all of these. And then I'm going to fill that again suing create. Tadah! But let me show you what I was talking about with the extrude on the nostril. This is definitely not the most professional looking nose but you can watch all. Right click, edge, select this one, shift drag, shift drag again and just circle around this nose right here. Oh, here’s another tool. Go to vertex and see I want to select it so I'm going to come up to snaps table and select and if you want you can right click then make sure vertex is selected. Just close that. So then, you see that little blue check right there or plus? You just click and drag it to the vertex you want but don’t just leave it like that. You have to select both like doing this and go down and select weld. If you don’t do that, it will mess you up in the future. So, one from two, here I’ll show you with this one. So I got those two, it says two versities, weld, it makes it vertex number 33. Okay but I’ll show you, let’s I talk about for it. Deselect snaps table and polygon create. I'm going to just create a hole right here. I selected the whole polygon right there. I'm going to god own to extrude. Click select and drag and you’ll see how it moves in. that would make the nostril. I can also scale it down like a real nostril. It do get smaller as it goes through and then extrude again from where I am. Extrude, drag out, and move it up and then slowly scale it down as it moves. And I’d say that’s good right there. Right now it looks more like a pigs nose but I can fix that. I'm going to just show you a quick mesh move, that’s what I use to stuff like nose. And I'm going to this modifier list and look for meshsmooth and select that. And you see it looks even more like a pigs nose right now but in the future it will look better but there are also other methods to do this without using meshsmooth so I'm just going to remove that and right click. Wait, I got to turn this back on. See, if I don’t have this selected, it’s not going to show the symmetry that I have turned on. So I can right click and do NURMS toggle, that’s what a lot of other people do. So that will also smooth it out but I learned using meshsmooth so, everyone has their own special thing they use. Alright well, that’s all I need to show you for this beginners tutorial. So again, this has been Austin from Eminent Tech Tutorials. Oh I have three new 3ds max tutorials shortly. So be sure to subscribe and send us any messages if you have any questions. The next tutorial will teach you how to texture your complete model. So after you complete the model, you’ll be able to make—have skin and hair and stuff like this guy in the background. And be sure to also check out our blogs which the lengths will be posted into scription. Thanks and bye.